State Of the Art Manufacturing Facilities

BioBottles™ are manufactured primarily in the United States using our hand selected partner network. We have nationwide coverage to assist all of our clients by manufacturing domestically. This increases speed of production, shipping, and saves money and time – all while improving quality control.

Regardless if you need a custom order or are looking to purchase BioBottles™ using our on-demand program we have got you covered.

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*Accelerated biodegradation based on American Standard ASTM D6954 testing
*Important California Notice – California law prohibits the sale of plastic packaging and plastic products that are labeled with the terms ‘biodegradable,’ ‘degradable,’ or ‘decomposable,’ or any form of those terms, or that imply in any way that the item will break down, biodegrade or decompose in a landfill or other environment. These restrictions apply to all sales in or into the State of California, including such sales over the Internet.